[htdig] Sorting Option

Subject: [htdig] Sorting Option
From: Reich, Stefan (Stefan.Reich@dgn-service.de)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 01:43:32 PDT

Hi Folks,

I'm afraid, that there is no builtin solution for the following problem, but
maybe someone has an idea of how to get near.

Ok, so here is what I want to do:

On our server, we have a sort of address list.
Each address document contains something like this (simplified):

<title>tom smith, htdig road</title>

<title>peter miller, apache way</title>

and so on.

Now I can search for names and streets. And the search results look nice,
because I've added a formatted title.

Now the problem:

First: Is there any way to sort the search results by the different fields,
e.g. sort by name, givenname or street?
Second: Is there any way to get the result list formatted in a nice way?
Even if I add a meta description, I can see no option of how to format the
output, because htdig strips off any HTML markup.

Any ideas are appreciated!



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