[htdig] more information about doc2html

Subject: [htdig] more information about doc2html
From: Michael.Walter@aekwl.de
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 23:19:29 PDT

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

  I run htdig very successfully and would like to add the ability
to index pdf-documents. As I read in your FAQ`s there are
several ways to do so. I decided to use the xpd-package
on an sun which runs solaris 6. As an interface I choose doc2html
to parse over the results of pdftotext to the indexer of htdig.

I am now looking for a more detailled description of the
doc2html script.

Thank`s for any piece of information about that point ;-)

Yours sincerely!

i. A.
Michael Walter +++ Aerztekammer Westfalen-Lippe
Tel.: (0251) 929-2104 +++ Gartenstrasse 210-214 +++
Fax: (0251) 929-2029 +++ 48149 Muenster/Westfalen +++
E-Mail: walter@aekwl.de

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