Re: [htdig] Htdig not displaying results more than 9 pages

Subject: Re: [htdig] Htdig not displaying results more than 9 pages
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 08:24:43 PDT

According to Srini Sathya.:
> well, i think there should be some provision for showing the total number of
> total pages of search, if this feature is not there right now, i would
> strongly recommend to add that in future version :):)

I don't understand what you mean by "showing the total number of total
pages". If you mean that you don't want htsearch to impose any limits at
all, then why is it so hard to believe that you can just set the limit
to a really big number? Did you read something somewhere that implied
the value of maximum_pages must be small? The only theoretical limit
is the maximum value of a 32-bit signed integer, 2^31 or over 2 billion.

If you set it to anything larger than

  (# of document in db/results per page)

then you effectively have no limit to the number of pages - it will
give you as many pages as you need even if all documents in the database
are matched. What more do you need?

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> Subject: RE: [htdig] Htdig not displaying results more than 9 pages
> At 3:35 PM +0100 8/11/00, Srini Sathya. wrote:
> >okay, suppose i set the number to 20 and what will happen if my search
> >returns 22 pages, thats is what exactly my query??. Is there anyway to
> find
> >the total pages that a search returns thro htdig.
> Then it will show 20 pages.
> It will show max( (# of results/results per page), (maximum_pages))

I think Geoff means min( (# of results/results per page), (maximum_pages))
i.e. the lesser of the two values.

> In other words, if it has more than maximum_pages number of hits, it
> will only show up to that number of pages and no more.
> Does that make sense?
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