[htdig] Reasons for selecting a page.

Subject: [htdig] Reasons for selecting a page.
From: Fergus Toolan (fergus.toolan@ucd.ie)
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 03:37:27 PDT

I'm using htdig as part of a recommender system
to recommend web-pages on a certain web-site.
We've implemented a package which uses Java,
javascript and HTML to do this. During its execution
it calls htsearch to find related pages.
We wondered if it is possible to extract the reasons
that htdig returned its results.
For example, can we get a response saying something
"Htdig selected this URL because it contained the words
<word list> which were also contained in the query."
This isn't essential but we would be interested in something
like this for research purposes.

Any Help would be appreciated

Fergus Toolan
Department of Computer Science
University College Dublin

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