[htdig] No matches were found for....

Subject: [htdig] No matches were found for....
From: Rob Goodwin (rob@novadiem.com)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 13:30:17 PDT

Hi there,

I finally got htdig going last night after many failed attempts... or at
least it seemed to be working in that it created the necessary files and
doesn't error out on htmerge like it was doing...

After running ./rundig -c ../conf/htdig.conf all night i awoke to find a
200MB database file that was still growing... i stopped rundig and then ran
htmerge which seemed to do what it was supposed to. I ran it on

the only thing is now when i use htsearch it says that it doesn't find any
matches on any of the words i try... even "font" which does appear in many
documents. it seems to me also that a 200MB index file is a little
excessive in this case...

what could i be doing wrong here? why doesn't it match any documents?


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