[htdig] htSearch Issues

Subject: [htdig] htSearch Issues
From: Robbie Scott (RScott@pc.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:05:46 PDT

I am working with htDig 3.2.0b2 and have failed repeatedly at obtaining a
valid search via the web.

I can run htsearch successfully from the command line obtaining data with
the proper HTML headers. But, when I run this same program
via the Browser I get No matches were found for '(rob or robed or robing or
robs)'. So, I am at a stumbling block which I cannot seem to
get past.

I have installed/re-installed several times with several different
configuration changes but no luck (same error persists).
I have ran rundig -vvv as well as a simple rundig with no luck. The
databases are there and they appear to be correct - just
unsearchable using htsearch via the web.

Thanks for your assistance,


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