Re: [htdig] Dublin Core Metadata

Subject: Re: [htdig] Dublin Core Metadata
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 14:41:04 PDT

According to Greg Lepore:
> Metadata for searching a date example:
> each document would have a metadata field for begin date and end date
> the search would allow you to search for a date value greater than the
> begin date and less than the end data
> that way, for historical records, we could code the date of the document
> into the metadata and search for very specific time periods. It would also
> allow us to sort the results based upon the chronological date of the
> actual record.
> I realize this is a very specific example and it may not be very high on
> the list. Just wishin' really....

Well, what's planned will take you most of the way there. You could do this
by putting a single date meta data field in the document, that has a date
somewhere in the range covered by the document. It's just that it may turn
up more often than you want.

If we were to implement date ranges for documents, we'd also need some way
of specifying whether the search date range is to include only documents
that fit entirely in that range, as you described above, or if partial
overlaps will be allowed (e.g. begin date of search <= end date of document
and end date of search >= begin date of document).

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