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Subject: Re: [htdig] Dublin Core Metadata
From: Greg Lepore (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 12:01:13 PDT

Metadata for searching a date example:
each document would have a metadata field for begin date and end date
the search would allow you to search for a date value greater than the
begin date and less than the end data
that way, for historical records, we could code the date of the document
into the metadata and search for very specific time periods. It would also
allow us to sort the results based upon the chronological date of the
actual record.
I realize this is a very specific example and it may not be very high on
the list. Just wishin' really....

At 01:34 PM 8/8/00, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
>According to Greg Lepore:
> > I've been exploring the keywords_meta_tag_names attribute and
> while I was
> > able to get it to work with a basic meta tag, I was not able to get it to
> > work with Dublin Core Metadata. The format of the metadata is:
> >
> > <meta name="DC.Subject" scheme="LCSH" content="Maryland
> > History Sources" />
> > <meta name="DC.Description" content="The Proceedings and Acts
> > of the General Assembly of Maryland from January 1637/8
> > through September 1664." />
> >
> > htdig.conf has this:
> > keywords_meta_tag_names: DC.Creator DC.Subject Dc.Description DC.Publisher
> > DC.Type DC.Format DC.Identifier DC.Language DC.Coverage DC.Rights
> > DC.Date.X-MetaDataLastModified Keywords
> >
> > Searches for words appearing only in the metadata return nothing.
>I don't know why this isn't working. Support for meta tags has been in
>since the 3.1.x betas, so unless you're running an old 3.0.x release, it
>should work. I assume your keywords_meta_tag_names definition above is
>all on one line, right?
> > I was thinking perhaps the period in the tag name was throwing things
> > off? Maybe the scheme information as well.
>No, the period and any additional HTML tag parameters should not pose
>a problem. I suggest you run htdig -vvvv on a small test case of a few
>documents to see what htdig does with the words in these meta tags.
> > This is a feature that would be very helpful to have searchable meta
> > info. It is possible to have metadata describe a range of dates and to be
> > able to search between the dates would be a great way of limiting a
> > search. We have over 150,000 pages of historical material covering almost
> > 400 years. If the user could narrow a search down to say, a five year
> > period...
> > I realize this won't happen in the next release but I would like
> to see
> > Dublin Core, or XML, support in the future. Thanks,
>There are plans for the 3.2.0 final release to include limiting searches
>to a range of dates, but the dates would be based on the modification date
>of the document, or a <meta name="date" ...> tag which simply overrides
>the last-modified date (if use_doc_date is set). There are no plans
>to support tags that assign a range of dates to an individual document.
>You're the first person to request this particular twist to an otherwise
>frequent request. How would you use meta data to describe a range of
>dates in a document?
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