[htdig] HELP ! DB Corrupted ?

Subject: [htdig] HELP ! DB Corrupted ?
From: Franck Horlaville (fhlist@online.co.ma)
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 09:06:31 PDT

Here's my apache error log :

DB2 problem...: /Local/Library/WebServer/htdig/db/db.words.db: page
0: reference count overflow

repeated over and over when a search occurs.

I think there was a problem during the dig where dig was stopped and
merge was run before all the pages where effectively indexed ...

What can i do ? Is there a DB repair somewhere, can a dig clean up
the mess or do i have to redig starting from -initial ?

thanks !

Franck Horlaville

Athena Online +212 7 68 28 08 http://www.athena.online.co.ma/ mailto:info@athena.online.co.ma

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