Re: [htdig] PDF indexing problem

Subject: Re: [htdig] PDF indexing problem
From: David Robley (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 18:21:10 PDT

On 7 Aug, Justin Hopkins wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to index a dozen or so pdf files on my intranet,
> and both w/xpd and acrobat (3 and 4) choke
> on the .pdf files.
> When acroread chokes, it gives me several of these
> sorts of errors:
> PDF::parse: cannot open acroread output from
> http://omniweb/resmis/docs/PMSs/lib
> ica/userguide/LTCONFIG.pdf
> When chokes, it gives several:
> sh: /usr/local/bin/ No such file or directory
> The URLs are valid and the files do exist. The PDFs open
> fine in both IE and separately under acroread 3. I've
> checked and rechecked the variables inside
> to make sure they point to the correct translators.
> All the files have appropriate execute and read permissions.
> When I tell htdig to use acrobat as the parser, this
> is what the relevant htdig.conf line looks like:
> pdf_parser: /usr/local/Acrobat3/bin/acroread -toPostScript -pairs
> When I tell htdig to use as the parser, this
> is what the relevant htdig.conf line looks like:
> external_parsers: "application/pdf" "/usr/local/bin/"
> (Naturally I comment out one or the other depending on
> what is running)
> Any thoughts as to where I should look/what could be the problem?
> Thanks,
> Justin Hopkins

Check that the size of your PDF files is less than the value you have
set for max_doc_size in your configuration file.


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