Re: [htdig] Database Update

Subject: Re: [htdig] Database Update
From: justin (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 20:53:29 PDT


I am using it on archived data on cdroms as well as the filesystem and
it correctly skips old data as "unchanged". Index times will take ~1h
on a cd the first time, then about 2m from then on(basically how long
fine ./ takes).

On 4 Aug 00, at 15:13, Chad Phillips wrote:

> How can I do an update on the Htdig database, with out deleting what is there? I
>had thought that the original database would kept as long as htdig was not run with
>the -i flag.
> The database I have took a long time to build and I want to add one more site, but I
>don't want to start the indexing from scratch. Should I build another database for
>the one site and then run htmerge?
> thanks
> chad

Try using the <!--htdig_noindex--> tag to have htdig skip the dynamic

> Depending on the site you are digging, the following
> might be helpful as well:
> I have a server where all content is generated "on the fly"
> from a database. So the document date is always "now"
> causing htdig to retrieve the full site on every run.
> No very nice since this is a big site, and I can't run the
> dig via local filesystem naturally.
> But this is actually not a ht://dig problem but lies with
> the site's content. (And I haven't found a workaround
> yet since the date of last document change is not even
> in the database ;-( )
> Cheers, Marcel


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