[htdig] Dublin Core Metadata

Subject: [htdig] Dublin Core Metadata
From: Greg Lepore (gregl@mdarchives.state.md.us)
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 06:22:07 PDT


        I've been exploring the keywords_meta_tag_names attribute and while I was
able to get it to work with a basic meta tag, I was not able to get it to
work with Dublin Core Metadata. The format of the metadata is:

    <meta name="DC.Subject" scheme="LCSH" content="Maryland
     History Sources" />
     <meta name="DC.Description" content="The Proceedings and Acts
     of the General Assembly of Maryland from January 1637/8
     through September 1664." />

htdig.conf has this:
keywords_meta_tag_names: DC.Creator DC.Subject Dc.Description DC.Publisher
DC.Type DC.Format DC.Identifier DC.Language DC.Coverage DC.Rights
DC.Date.X-MetaDataLastModified Keywords

Searches for words appearing only in the metadata return nothing.

I was thinking perhaps the period in the tag name was throwing things
off? Maybe the scheme information as well.

        This is a feature that would be very helpful to have searchable meta
info. It is possible to have metadata describe a range of dates and to be
able to search between the dates would be a great way of limiting a
search. We have over 150,000 pages of historical material covering almost
400 years. If the user could narrow a search down to say, a five year
        I realize this won't happen in the next release but I would like to see
Dublin Core, or XML, support in the future. Thanks,

Gregory Lepore
Maryland Electronic Capital Webmaster

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