[htdig] RE: [3.2.0b2] AND operator not working as it should?

Subject: [htdig] RE: [3.2.0b2] AND operator not working as it should?
From: Arthur Prokosch (prokosch@aptima.com)
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 11:50:24 PDT

I had written, 2:53 PM -0500, 08/02/00:
> In testing htdig, 3.2.0b2, with just one html file, the AND
> operator is working like OR, as far as I can tell.

after a bit more testing, AND will work fine when both words are present in
the wordlist. It appears that when one of the AND'ed words is _not_ present
in the wordlist, that word is simply ignored (order doesn't matter).

It occurs to me that this could be by design - if so, I guess I'd like to
request that it be a user-configurable option, or at least that the
LogicalWords displayed reflect the removal of the unknown word.

> My htdig.conf follows; the sample
> search page is at <http://www.aptima.com/~cta/search-3.2.html>
> (although command line searches return the same results); the one
> document indexed is index.html.

(I actually changed it to index (a part of) htdig.org, to try to narrow the
problem down further: try 'web and design' [3 matches, appears accurate]
versus 'web and fluble' [12 matches, identical to 'web'] versus 'web and
temple' [0 matches; temple appears elsewhere].)

If it would be useful for anyone to see verbose output from htsearch, or the
results of configure or make, just let me know.

Thanks again.


Arthur Prokosch, <prokosch@aptima.com>
Usability/Web Intern
Aptima, Inc. <http://www.aptima.com/>
781-935-3966 x26

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