[htdig] The same page appears several times

Subject: [htdig] The same page appears several times
From: Stéphane ALLAIRE (sallaire@mrfp.fr)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 07:53:34 PDT


I'm using Ht-Dig with my intranet. It works very well but I've just a
Is it to possible to limit the number of times the same page appears in a
result search ?
I order my result by title and often the same page appear several time...
It's not a big problem but it's not great to see the same document 3 or 4
times in the same list... I've a look in the parameters of ht-dig but i've
found nothnig or... i've missed the good one !

Stephane ALLAIRE
Mutuelle Retraite de la Fonction Publique
1, rue Paul BAUDRY
75008 PARIS

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