[htdig] Littles questions about Ht-Dig

Subject: [htdig] Littles questions about Ht-Dig
From: Stéphane ALLAIRE (sallaire@mrfp.fr)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 02:15:17 PDT


I'm using Ht-Dig with my Intranet. It works very well but I've just some
littles questions...

- I'm using keywords in my documents and some of them have a lenght of 2
characters only (CD for Cotisation Départemantale, or AC for Anciens
Combattants, etc...). Ht-dig didn't found them when I made a search... it
works with keywords of 3 characters and more.... Bug or limitation of Ht-Dig

- Is it possible to use generic characters during a search ? For example
search "adh*" for "adhérent, adhésion, etc...." I've try with ? and *
characters but, no result.....

If someone can help me...


Stephane ALLAIRE

Mutuelle Retraite de la Fonction Publique
1, rue Paul BAUDRY
75008 PARIS

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