Re: [htdig] FW: [htdig] Indexing MANY directories

Subject: Re: [htdig] FW: [htdig] Indexing MANY directories
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 09:38:43 PDT

According to Roger Weiss:
> Two more questions, please:
> Can you point me to the apache file you're referring to? The one with the
> dir. listing with links to directories and files? What is its name, and is
> it an optionally generated file?
> >>(It's a whole different ball of wax if you want to index
> >> your local hard drive. But that's not your question.)
> Now you've piqued my *would* you do this??? Perhaps
> this may help me.

This isn't a static file that sits anywhere on the hard drive. When you
enable the "Index" option in Apache, and your client asks the Apache
server for an URL that points to a directory, Apache will first look
for an index.html or other DirectoryIndex file, and if none exists,
it will generate on-the-fly an HTML page that contains the directory
listing. It's the same page you see in your browser when you point it
to a directory URL - that page isn't generated by the client, as for an
FTP directory, but rather it's generated by the server. When htdig
receives a page like this, it parses it and follows links just as it
would for any other web page - in fact it doesn't know the difference.

If you want to understand more about Apache features and options, I
recommend you read the documentation on the web site.

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