[htdig] Re-indexing

Subject: [htdig] Re-indexing
From: justin (jazoff@toddent.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 00:45:20 PDT

I've been playing some more with ht://dig and have it configured almost
perfectly now....
The one thing I am still not getting to work is updating a database.
I am using rundig.sh or the default rundig that comes with ht://dig.
The main difference that I can see is that rundig.sh uses -a by default.
This works good
on updating the database without re-reading the whole archive, but it
does not find any
new files that were created. Without the -a option ht://dig finds all
files but must re-read
all old ones. Is there any way to update the index with the -a options
and have it find any
new files?

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