[htdig] Suggetions on Speeding up Search

Subject: [htdig] Suggetions on Speeding up Search
From: Chad Phillips (gphillip@aafp.org)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 10:00:00 PDT

We have been using Htdig for our sites main search engine and it works great! We wanted to set up another search engine that was specific to medical sites. I installed another version of htdig and set it to dig about 30 sites. Everything went ok, but when I run a search it is extremely slow.

The db for the second htdig, is about twice as big as the db for the first htdig. But the search takes about 5-10 longer. I set the search_algorithm to exact:1 but that didn't seem to help much much. Have I tried to use Htdig to index more than it was designed for, or do you think I have something wrong with my setup?

Here is my db size:
110503936 Jul 28 17:47 db.docdb
 30979072 Jul 31 02:52 db.docdb.work
2646016 Jul 28 17:47 db.docs.index
6487040 Jul 28 17:49 db.metaphone.db
182246629 Jul 28 17:46 db.wordlist
54374213 Jul 31 02:52 db.wordlist.work
136761344 Jul 28 17:46 db.words.db

Oh this runs on a Sun E250 with Solaris 8.


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