Re: [htdig] Problem with Accent

Subject: Re: [htdig] Problem with Accent
From: Stéphane ALLAIRE (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 05:55:57 PDT

Good ! Ht-dig works very well now !
The locale-fr package was missing in the installation of my server.... now
i've created the fr_FR directory and it's work very well...
thank for your help

Stephane ALLAIRE

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Date : vendredi 28 juillet 2000 19:00
Objet : Re: [htdig] Problem with Accent

>According to Stéphane Allaire:
>> I'using htdig 3.1.5 with a Mandrake 7.02 distribution and I have the
>> following problem, I can't make search with french accent (I'm
>> I've read the FAQ and I've found the article "Comment installer et
>> configurer HtDig pour la langue française". I've made exactly all the
>> this article describe but it's alway doesn't work.... With the "locale"
>> command, I see my language is "fr_FR", exactly like in my htdig.conf...
>> like the article describe, I've recompiled htdig the the "special"
>> htdig.conf of the kit...
>> In fact, after some research in the db.wordlist, I've found the word are
>> just before the accent... for example, in my html documents I've the word
>> "représentation"... in the db.wordlist, I've found only the word "repr" !
>> Even if I found "représentation" if I just type "repr", it's not very
good !
>This is a classic symptom of the locale not working properly. You need
>to make sure the locale you're using is actually installed and working
>on your system. You have set
> locale: fr_FR
>in your htdig.conf, correct? If so, you must make sure that the locale
>directory for fr_FR exists. They're usually in /usr/share/locale.
>If there's no fr_FR directory in there, or no LC_CTYPE file in the fr_FR
>directory, then you'll need to find and install the Mandrake package
>that contains this directory.
>Also, did you install htdig from an RPM file, and if so, which one?
>A great many users make the mistake of installing the libc5 version
>of the RPM on a glibc 2.0 or 2.1 based system, and locales don't work
>correctly in libc5. For Mandrake, you should either rebuild your own
>RPM from the source, or pick up the RPM from their site. The Red Hat
>RPM on doesn't work right on Mandrake. I've been told that
>the Mandrake-specific RPM is on this mirror site:
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