Re: [htdig] ht://Dig and Java

Subject: Re: [htdig] ht://Dig and Java
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 12:17:34 PDT

At 2:23 PM -0600 7/28/00, Chris Tubutis wrote:
>I've been asked a question that to me looks like is coming from left
>field but, after talking with a few people, may not be. Literally, I've
>been asked, "Is ht://Dig J2EE compliant?" My first inclination is to say
>"No, because it's written in C++ and uses the GNU gcc (v2.95.2 on
>Solaris 2.7) compiler and associated libraries and has no use for nor
>any hooks into anything java related." Is this a valid response?

Yes, exactly that.

>Can/should I be saying anything more? Or, am I way off base? I'm an SA
>and not a developer and thus don't know much about what I'm talking
>about here. :)

No, but you know more than the people who asked the question. :-)

>FWIW these people who asked presently use a search engine from somebody
>named UltraSeek ( that I'm pretty sure is
>running on NT... searching around on their home page, I saw some fanfare
>and a link (in the lower RH corner) to this thing they call the
>"iSearch Tool Kit." I wonder if they have this and are wondering if
>ht://Dig can do something similar..........

UltraSeek is actually from InfoSeek, Inc. last I checked. Of course
back then, they also had a series of comparisons to other packages
where they could say no good about anything else. If you're willing
to shell out the money, it is a good package, though not necessarily
any better than ht://Dig. See the reviews at

As far as the iSearch Tool Kit, it sounds like this is repackaged to
index a pre-existing database. If that's the application, then
ht://Dig would be somewhat clunky. I don't know how iSearch would
compare. If I were looking at a large pre-existing SQL database, I'd
probably code a small SQL search/query system. Using ht://Dig or a
package that creates its own index is wasteful since the SQL database
has one already.

If they want an absolutely pure Java search engine, ht://Dig isn't
for them. I'd probably recommend Lucene
<> or check the SearchTools site for
something that fits the bill.

Sorry for the long-winded answer!

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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