[htdig] ht://Dig and Java

Subject: [htdig] ht://Dig and Java
From: Chris Tubutis (chris@broadband.att.com)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 13:23:42 PDT

I've been asked a question that to me looks like is coming from left
field but, after talking with a few people, may not be. Literally, I've
been asked, "Is ht://Dig J2EE compliant?" My first inclination is to say
"No, because it's written in C++ and uses the GNU gcc (v2.95.2 on
Solaris 2.7) compiler and associated libraries and has no use for nor
any hooks into anything java related." Is this a valid response?
Can/should I be saying anything more? Or, am I way off base? I'm an SA
and not a developer and thus don't know much about what I'm talking
about here. :)


FWIW these people who asked presently use a search engine from somebody
named UltraSeek (http://www.ultraseek.com/) that I'm pretty sure is
running on NT... searching around on their home page, I saw some fanfare
and a link (in the lower RH corner) to this thing they call the
"iSearch Tool Kit." I wonder if they have this and are wondering if
ht://Dig can do something similar..........

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