[htdig] Problem with Accent

Subject: [htdig] Problem with Accent
From: Stéphane ALLAIRE (sallaire@mrfp.fr)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 07:59:45 PDT


I'using htdig 3.1.5 with a Mandrake 7.02 distribution and I have the
following problem, I can't make search with french accent (I'm french)....
I've read the FAQ and I've found the article "Comment installer et
configurer HtDig pour la langue française". I've made exactly all the things
this article describe but it's alway doesn't work.... With the "locale"
command, I see my language is "fr_FR", exactly like in my htdig.conf... And
like the article describe, I've recompiled htdig the the "special"
htdig.conf of the kit...
In fact, after some research in the db.wordlist, I've found the word are cut
just before the accent... for example, in my html documents I've the word
"représentation"... in the db.wordlist, I've found only the word "repr" !
Even if I found "représentation" if I just type "repr", it's not very good !
If someone could help me... thank

Stéphane Allaire

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