[htdig] Different domains?

Subject: [htdig] Different domains?
From: Ken Convery (ken@aviansportal.com)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 23:34:59 PDT

ht://dig looks like a great tool for maintainers of intranets and/or several
internet web servers. I have a question about it's application to something
we are trying to do here. We are developing relationships with a few other
online companies and want to make content from their sites available by link
on our site. We are thinking we can use ht://dig to index those other sites
so we can search out and display the pertinent information on our site in
summary form and provide the link to a specific page on their site for more

In a nutshell: can ht://dig index other web servers specified outside my
domain or network?

If so would we need other than http to these other servers or any special
access such as file system privileges?

secondly are there any problems with sites that generate content
dynamically? Or will ht://dig simply look at static HTML pages or other
static documents?

Thank you very much
Ken Convery
Avian Pilot Systems Inc.

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