[htdig] questions about htdig

Subject: [htdig] questions about htdig
From: ti980247 (ti980247@binus.ac.id)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:24:56 PDT

Hi.. I'm a newcomers in this searching stuff. I already installed htdig on my
mandrake 7.0, php 4.0, apache1.3.12., everything going fine until I tried to
indexing my server.

I change htdig.conf and change the url into my website.
I run ./htdig -h 5 -s but It returns
htdig: my.web.server:80 1 document

then i checked the wordlist file.. it's very short, I think something wrong
when it index my web cause my web contains 3975 html files.
my html file always link in dynamic not static link (e.g a href="../h.html"
instead of a href="http://my.web.com/h.html")

Any idea ?? is htdig index depend on link on files or depend on files on my web
directory ??

gee... I'm very confuse about this...

solutions and ideas would be appreciated...



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