[htdig] Problems with htdig result pages

Subject: [htdig] Problems with htdig result pages
From: Randy Glenn (picxpert@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 20:45:43 PDT

Hi. I'm trying to get my server set up with ht://dig. but I'm having
problems. Specifically, the result pages all link to localhost as the
server, when they should really be pointing to picxpert.dyndns.org.

However, I can't tell ht://dig to look there, because my internet sharing
device, for some reason, won't let me access anything on the external IP
address (so if I try to open the IP address provided by the cable company,
in a web browser, I get a timeout). How can I force it to use the right
server name?


-Randy Glenn
PICxpertANTISPAM@picxpert.com (remove ANTISPAM)
http://www.picxpert.com/ << WORKING NOW!

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