[htdig] search results

Subject: [htdig] search results
From: alan (alan@id-media.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 14:12:38 PDT

i have decided to do something a little weird but simple with the htdig
search results... (i haven't tested this idea yet)

i have a whole bunch of links (URLs)... each link has a set of
keywords... each link (http://www.the_link_to_be_displayed.com) is put
into an html doc similar to this:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="blah blah blah blah">

what i need to happen is for the search results to display only the link
(http://www.the_link_to_be_displayed.com) similar to the short.html but
instead of the <a href="..."></a> pointing to the file it points to the
link inside the html file...

so the short.html would look something like this...

<a href="$&(TITLE)">$&(TITLE)</a></strong> $(STARSLEFT) $(PERCENT)%

my questions :) are:
is it a good idea to use $&(TITLE)?
is there another variable that would be better to use like $(EXCERPT) or
$(DESCRIPTION) or $(DESCRIPTIONS) or something else?
and do i actually need <body>contents to be shown</body> in a html file
for the file to be indexed by htdig because i was wondering if i could
just have a HTML file with just a title and meta keywords if i choose to
use $&(TITLE)?

*** i know it would probably be better to put these links+keywords in a
database and search the keywords from a database but i like the htdig
search engine and i want to try this using files ***


PS: this is just the beginning :)


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