Re: [htdig] Multiple local_urls

Subject: Re: [htdig] Multiple local_urls
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 12:03:17 PDT

According to Justin:
> I'm trying to get 2 separate start_urls to work with 2 local_urls
> I have current email on http://server/mail/
> and archived mounted on cd in http://server/mnt/
> How can I get local_urls: to point to both of them?

That depends on how your directory aliases are set up on your web server.

> local_urls: http://server/=/home/httpd/html
> will work for mail but for some reason mnt fails with not autorized.

Is the archive CD mounted on the /home/httpd/html/mnt directory, or
is this a symbolic link to the actual mount point? If so, then that
local_urls setting should be sufficient, but otherwise, you probably
need to add another mapping.

E.g., if your srm.conf contains an "Alias /mnt/ /mnt/cdrom/", and this is
the mount point, then you need a similar mapping in local_urls:

  local_urls: http://server/mnt/=/mnt/cdrom/ \

> my .htaccess file is:
> AuthUserFile /var/server/passwd
> AuthGroupFile /dev/null
> AuthName "Auth"
> AuthType Basic
> <Limit GET POST>
> require valid-user
> </Limit>
> If I set it up to allow from localhost in .htaccess it works, but I cant
> have it like that....

You could also provide the user name and password via the -u option to
htdig, but this should not be needed if you have local_urls working
correctly. The authentication should only be needed if htdig has to
fallback to HTTP.

Note also that local_urls mapping only works for a select few file
name extensions. (See attrs.html) If you're indexing files with other
extensions, or no extensions, then htdig will fall back to HTTP, and
thus require authentication. Is the .htaccess file above in your
DocumentRoot directory, /home/httpd/html, or on the CD? If it's only
on the CD, that could explain why your mail directory was indexed, but
the mnt directory wasn't.

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