[htdig] Job scheduling (cron doesn't seem to be enough)

Subject: [htdig] Job scheduling (cron doesn't seem to be enough)
From: Hunter Morris (hunter.morris@alliancesystems.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 09:33:38 PDT

Hey everyone,

I've been wrestling with a job scheduling dilemma. I'm not a *nix guru by
any means, but I know the basics of the cron daemon, and can't seem to
figure out a solution to the following problem. I've consulted the mailing
list, and nobody appears to have mentioned this particular problem. (Pardon
me if it has been addressed ... no need for flames)

I want to schedule the digger to run only during off-peak hours (i.e.
between 9pm and 6am). The main reason for this is that the set of documents
I wish to index is rather large, and the digger takes longer than 9 hours to
complete the operation. I have the server_wait_time set to 60 seconds to
minimize network activity, and that isn't really an option I'm at liberty to

I may be completely incompetent and cron can do this perfectly well, but I
can't seem to find any documentation that lends a clue. Does anybody have a
suggestion as to another scheduling utility I could try or a way to
manipulate crond into such an act?

Hunter Morris

Alliance Systems, Inc.

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