[htdig] Target Tag Matching

Subject: [htdig] Target Tag Matching
From: Jeff Mandel (jeff.mandel@probes.com)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 16:16:01 PDT

Hello All,

There are folks here that use target tags like keywords. Is there a way
to extract those words from a target tag and maybe even weight them?

html source would look like this:
<h3><a NAME="Reactive Dye Monitoring Dinosaur"></a>Monitoring</h3>

A search for "Dinosaur" "Monitoring", or "Reactive Dye" would bring up
the doc containing this tag. I've been unable to scare up text that just
appears in tags, so I'm guessing htdig purposely ignoring these target
tags, yes?

Besides having them manually add a keyword list to the documents, any



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