Re: [htdig] changing the HTML files

Subject: Re: [htdig] changing the HTML files
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 13:24:43 PDT

According to Tony Crockford:
> > i'm trying to customize to look of the search results... I'm trying to
> > change the look of the results displayed when long is chosen ... i made
> > very drastic changes in long.html but these changes do not appear in the
> > search results??
> It's not long.html that you need to work with.
> Check your htdig.conf to see what files are specified.
> If you haven't specified anything it will probably be using header.html and
> footer.html the other possibility is wrapper.html.
> add this to htdig.conf
> search_results_wrapper: ${common_dir}/wrapper.html
> (will force the use of wrapper.html so you only need to modify one file -
> don't take out what you don't understand!)
> These are the ones that need your loving touch to change the output!

That's fine if you want to customize the header and footer portions, but
if you want to change the actual format of the individual result entries,
as Alan seems to want to do, you need to set up a custom result template.

Alan got the first part right, but the problem is that by default,
htsearch doesn't use the external template long.html, but rather
"builtin-long", a hard-coded template. The distributed version of
long.html is equivalent to this builtin template, but to get htsearch to
use it, you need to uncomment the template_map definition in htdig.conf
(or whichever config file htsearch is configured to use).


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