[htdig] template solution sought

Subject: [htdig] template solution sought
From: Malcolm Austen (malcolm.austen@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 02:23:42 PDT

Well, I have a solution but can't help feeling that it's not the right
solution. I have a requirement for something less terse than Long/Short
and And/Or/Boolean in the $(FORMAT) and $(METHOD) boxes.

I can deal with $(METHOD) with:

method_names: and "Search for all of the above words" \
                or "Search for any of the above words" \
                Boolean "Treat the search words as a Boolean expression"

because method_names takes a quoted_string.

However, template_map just takes a string so I've ended up with:

template_map: \
    Just the Title of the pages found \
                        builtin-short builtin-short \
    Title and Summary of the pages found \
                        builtin-long builtin-long

which works (but is it guaranteed to work?) but just looks like it's the
wrong solution.

Maybe I need to spend another hour reading the documentation but a pointer
to confirm the solution really is there would be appreciated.

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