Re: [htdig] start/stop/restart

Subject: Re: [htdig] start/stop/restart
From: Franck Horlaville (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 14:43:46 PDT

>In the Bourne shell, as well as bash, the "$!" pseudo-variable will give
>you the PID of the last background process it started with an "&".

so it would look like something like this

my current start script :

#changed :
#/Local/Library/WebServer/htdig/bin/rundig -v -l -s -a > /var/log/htdig.log
#to :
/Local/Library/WebServer/htdig/bin/rundig -v -l -s -a &
echo $! > /var/run/

problems :

a/ Got to either remove -v or find the correct syntax to output to the logfile
b/ The pid I get is the one of my shell running rundig (obviously).
Problem : when I kill it htdig continues to run.

solution : change rundig to call htdig with &
problem : how do I know it's dead so I can call htmerge ?

idea : add this to rundig :

while [the pid exists, syntax anyone ?]
do sleep 600
htmerge ...

Is this a good solution ?

Thanks a bunch

Franck Horlaville

Athena Online +212 7 68 28 08

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