RE: [htdig] search for word fragments

Subject: RE: [htdig] search for word fragments
From: Tim Leggett (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 12:55:13 PDT

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Tim Leggett wrote:
> Hello again,
> is there a way to allow searches for parts of words? not the fuzzy
> prefix/suffix searches, but fragments. for example, my search of the
> site for 'Gil' returned no matches for 'Gilles'. Being a lazy
> typist, I want to be able to search for, say, 'meta' and have the search
> return docs that include 'metapath' (name of my company).

With Ht://Dig this is called "prefix matching". However, you need to
htsearch that the expression is used for prefix search. By default this
is done by typing "some*" (which then should result in something,
somewhat etc).

thank you. I didn't understand what this term meant in htsearch's context.
Turns out that prefix is not a value for our search_algorithm parameter-yet.
Any suggestions on what weight I should assign? We have:
search_algorithm: exact:1 synonyms:0.5 endings:0.1

For more information, refer to the documentation:

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