[htdig] htdig - returning directory listings

Subject: [htdig] htdig - returning directory listings
From: alan (alan@id-media.com)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 12:42:51 PDT

whenever i search for some word that exists in a filename htsearch
returns the proper results but also returns urls to just directories
that contain that file... this allows users to view the directory but i
dont want them to... i know u can disable directory listing on the
server hosting the site but then htdig isnt able to index the specified
directory (indicated in the htdig.conf) anymore since it is not allowed
the view the specified directory... so is there a way to prevent htdig
from indexing directory listings or preventing htsearch form displaying
directory listings??

here is an example of one of the results i DO NOT want shown:

Index of /../../..
     ... - [TXT] xxxxxxxx.html 20-Jul-2000 11:29 13k [TXT]
     xxxxxxxx.html 20-Jul-2000 11:30 16k [TXT]
     xxxxxxxx.html 20-Jul-2000 11:30 18k [TXT]
     xxxxxxxx.html 20-Jul-2000 11:31 9k [TXT] xxxxxxxx.html
     20-Jul-2000 11:31 8k [TXT] xxxxxxxx.html
     20-Jul-2000 11:31 3k [TXT] xxxxxxxx ...
     , 2512 bytes

this has a link to http://www.....com/../../../?D=A which basically goes
to the directory and i dont want it to display any of these kinds of
results... do u think there is a way to disable this?... and any idea on
what the ?D=A means?



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