[htdig] start/stop/restart

Subject: [htdig] start/stop/restart
From: Franck Horlaville (fhlist@online.co.ma)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 21:46:24 PDT

Hi !

I'd like to set htdig to crawl only at night.

Right now I know how to start it at specified times with cron and
tell it to save context before quitting so it restarts where it left

Current operation chain :

general "do it forever and log" script
   slightly modified rundig.sh

I would like to include cron somewhere in there to turn crawling on and off.

Any suggestions ?


Franck Horlaville

Athena Online +212 7 68 28 08 http://www.athena.online.co.ma/ mailto:info@athena.online.co.ma

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