[htdig] Indexing/searching for version numbers and dir paths

Subject: [htdig] Indexing/searching for version numbers and dir paths
From: Tim Leggett (tleggett@msi-world.com)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 12:06:32 PDT

Hello all,

We recently began using htdig to index our document archive, which is
composed of several hundred pdf docs. One problem--popular searches will be
for version numbers, such as 5.0,, and so on. From searching the
htdig list archive, I see that setting allow_numbers to true should index
integers. Fine so far. But with default params, searching for 5.0 returns
'50' as the search string (note the period is missing from the string).
Removing the period from valid_punctuation gives us '5 and 0' as the search
string. Not what we wanted, either--we need the search string to be '5.0'.

Another type of search involves finding directory paths, such as gw/bin and
sql/ddl/delta. Searching for gw/bin returns 'gw and (bin or bins)' as the
search string. however, we need the string to be exactly 'gw/bin'.

Any suggestions for what the proper mix of parameter settings might be to
allow us to do our searches?

tim leggett
Words, Sr.

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