Re: [htdig] htdig and Sherlock I + II (fwd)

Subject: Re: [htdig] htdig and Sherlock I + II (fwd)
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 10:42:14 PDT

According to Agnoletti Giovanni:
> Hi volker
> I`m very intersting about Sherlock and ht dig.
> Where can I get your answer about it?
> bye giovanni
> Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> > --- begin forwarded message from Volker Riebartsch ---

Hi Agnoletti. You didn't read the posting very carefully before replying.
First of all, I'm not Volker. I merely forwarded his message to the
mailing list. Secondly, Volker's answer was contained in his message,
which I posted in its entirety to the mailing list. To get his answer,
go back and re-read his message carefully. He explains in great detail
how to configure Sherlock and ht://Dig to work together. Then, if you
still have unanswered questions, you may want to contact him directly.

Note that there were also earlier discussions about Sherlock on the
htdig mailing list, which you can find by searching for sherlock on
the web site. They may provide additional insights into the
issues involved.

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