Re: [htdig] htdig - customizing search

Subject: Re: [htdig] htdig - customizing search
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 10:31:51 PDT

According to alan:
> i have ht://Dig running on WinNT/Apache.
> i have 2 problems...
> (1) whenever i run htmerge.exe in the console (MS-DOS Prompt) it says:
> htmerge: Word sort failed.
> what does this mean? ... i tried htmerge.exe -vvv but it doesnt tell me anything
> more

htmerge needs an external sort.exe program to sort the wordlist. If you
compiled the package yourself under Cygwin, it should have found it or
complained it was missing. Did you move or remove any Cygwin files since
building the package? Check your htmerge/Makefile to see what path it's
using for SORT_PROG. If you installed using Stephane Baudet's pre-compiled
binaries for NT, see his README file.

> (2) whenever i run htsearch.exe in the console (MS-DOS Prompt) it says:
> DB2 problem...: /opt/www/htdig/common/word2root.db: No such file or directory
> how is word2root.db created (by which file is it created)? i'm guessing i need it
> but i dont have it...

This is produced using "htfuzzy endings", and is used by htsearch when
you use the "endings" algorithm in the search_algorithm attribute.
You don't need it if you don't use that algorithm, but most users
prefer to have it. htfuzzy needs an external mv.exe program to move
the word2root.db and root2word.db files into the common subdirectory
after they're complete, and it expects to find it in the \bin directory
of the current drive. (mv.exe is part of the Cygwin package as well.)
If you get an error about the mv failing, it's likely because you don't
have the program there. You can, of course, move the files into place
yourself, from the temporary directory in which they're created.

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