[htdig] htdig and Sherlock I + II (fwd)

Subject: [htdig] htdig and Sherlock I + II (fwd)
From: Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 08:55:36 PDT

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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 11:24:24 +0200
Subject: htdig and Sherlock I + II
From: Volker Riebartsch <volker.ri@macup.com>
To: Gilles Detillieux <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>

Hi Gilles,
I relied to a question in iTools Mailing list concerning Sherlock I + II and
htdig. Allmost all of the posting there and here are kind of incomplete, I
tried to give a complete answer, maybe you wanna use it. It reflects both
the iTools distribution of Tenon and yours.
I ran a series in our Magazine on htDig for three month now, tons of mails
and interest

take care


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on 23.06.2000 1:18 Uhr Kyle Johnson with adress kyle@portogo.net wrote:

> How can I find documentation for authoring my own Sherlock plug-in that will
> access the htDig indexes on my site.
> Kyle Johnson
> kyle@portogo.net
> Portogo
> <www.portogo.net>
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Hi Kyle,
there is no complete documentation, neither at Tenon nor at
I got Sherlock/htDig running on my sites (www.macup.com,www.macmagazin.de)
and wrote an article in our magazine recently. Unfortunately its in German.
Let me try a raw English-version, sorry for that.

I assume:
You want Sherlock Plug-ins that work with Sherlock II and I (II= Mac OS
8.6-9.0X; I = all Mac OS before)
You are using htDig - either the version that comes with iTools or the one
from htdig - with header.html (This file is the file that is output before
any of the search results are produced in a search) and footer.html (This
file is output after all the search results have been displayed).
The file mac-find.html or htdig.html (name is defined in the htdig file
htdig.conf under template_map) is the container for the found items of a
search. You need to modify all three, they are found in
Copy them to your Mac or PC and use a Texteditor like BBEdit to modify.

Sherlock variables you need:
There are tons of variables in Sherlock you can use, you only need 3
resultListStart resutlListEnd
resultItemStart resultItemEnd
relevanceStart relevanceEnd

resultListStart tells Sherlock, where the list with found items start,
resutlListEnd marks the end of the list. Reason is: you dont want Sherlock
to list your Navigation-Elements on the htDig resultpage.

Open header.html and put
<!-- Result List Start -->
in a new line on the end of that file. It is a comment (<!--) so it does not
show up in a browser, just tells Sherlock, that the resultlist begins here.

Open footer.html and put
<!-- Result List End -->
in a new line on the top (first line) of that file. It is a comment (<!--)
so it does not show up in a browser, just tells Sherlock, that the
resultlist ends here.

resultItemStart and resultItemEnd tell Sherlock where a single found item
starts and where it ends. relevanceStart and relevanceEnd mark the start end
endpoint of the value for the ranking. htDig outputs ranking in percent,
thats the value Sherlock needs. The variables have to be set in
mac-find.html, the file is the container for each single found item. Open
the file with a Texteditor. The Example shows my file, might be different in
terms of layout.

<!-- Result Item Start -->
<dl><dt><b><a href=\"$(URL)\">$(TITLE)</a></b>
<!-- Relevance Start --> $(PERCENT)% <!-- Relevance End -->
<i><a href=\"$(URL)\">$(URL)</a></i>
<!-- Result Item End -->

It is pretty self-explainig, isnt it? <!-- Result Item Start --> marks the
startpoint for each found item for sherlock, <!-- Result Item End --> marks
the end. $(PERCENT)% is a variable from htDig that displays the ranking in
percent. <!-- Relevance Start --> $(PERCENT)% <!-- Relevance End --> tells
Sherlock where to find the ranking.
You are set now with your Web-files, upload mac-find.html to your server.

Create a Sherlock-file.
Craete a new textfile in BBEdit and name it mysite.scr in your case
portogo.scr The file has to end with .src. Here is the Sherlock-file you
have to adjust a few words and you are set. Just copy it to your favourite

# Copyright 2000 blablabla
# My name
# Version X.Y
# date: 24.03.2000

    name="May Company - the best"
    routeType = "Internet"
    description="MyCompany: We are the leaders in drinking and singing"
    update = "http://www.mydomain.com/mysite.src.hqx"
    updateCheckDays = "21"

   <input name="config" value="www.site1.com">
   <input name="restrict" value="">
   <input name="exclude" value="">
   <input name="method" value="and">
   <input name="format" value="mac-find">
   <input name="matchesperpage" value="25">
   <input name="words" user>


    resultListStart="<!-- Result List Start -->"
    resutlListEnd="<!-- Result List End -->"

    resultItemStart="<!-- Result Item Start -->"
    resultItemEnd="<!-- Result Item End -->"

    relevanceStart="<!-- Relevance Start -->"
    relevanceEnd="<!-- Relevance End -->"

The first four line are just comments, Sherlock does not use them. Add more
if you want, always starting with #

name is displayed in Sherlocks interface as the name of your plugin

routeType is needed for Sherlock II and Mac OS 8.6-9.0X, the plugin sits in
the subfolder internet (the folder Intenet is written in capital letters in
german Mac OS 9, cheeck your system, I guess it is small i in US-systems)

description is a sherlock II feature displaying some information about your
site when you click on the plugin-icon in Sherlock II

method describes the way data is retirieved in this case get

action is the path to htsearch

update is path to plugin on your site, you have to save it as .hqx, do not
.sit it before.

updateCheckDays days after sherlock checks wheather you provide an updated
plugin. it checks the update location and allows automatic updates for your

input names

I listed all, but you only use a few

config value is the name of your htdig config-file without the ending .conf.
If the file is maned htdig.conf it would be htdig. Cause I index virtual
domains my config-files are named www.site1.com.conf www.site2.com.conf in
this case the value is www.site1.com

method is htdig method and, or. i use and

format is the name of the container file for search results without the
.html-ending. In our example the file (see top) named mac-find.html, so the
value is mac-find

matchesperpage the value defines the max results for one search in sherlock.
default is 10, so if you do not define the variable you never get more
results than 10.

words the value is set to user for htdig, dont change.

The interpret part defines the values for resultListStart etc. Do not change
it if you altered header.html, footer.html and mac-find.html as described.

Set FileType and creator of src-file.

You are done, just have to set filetype and creator for the bbedit-file.
Use Resedit or so
Type is issp
Creator is fndf

Beef up the plugin with any Inconizer or leave the icon as it is.

You are set now, have fun


p.s.: If you want to check my site, goto www.macup.com and search (Suche:)
for some Mac-Topic. Check sourcecode of the htDig-resultpage, you will see
all the startItem-stuff
Download our Plugin at http://www.macup.com/MACup.src.hqx put it in the
subfolder internet of you sherlock-pluginfolder inside the systemfolder.

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