Re: [htdig] Bug or Feature

Subject: Re: [htdig] Bug or Feature
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:58:42 PDT

According to Reich, Stefan:
> just found out, that 3.1.5 behaves different than previous versions, when it
> comes to showing the "next" button on the search results page.
> On one of our sites, using an older htdig, I see a next button, even if I'm
> on the search results page number <maximum_pages>.
> e.g. if I configure <maximum_pages: 9> and I am on page 9, I can go to page
> 10 by pressing the next page button.
> In 3.1.5 there is no next page button on this page.
> Is this a bug or is this planned in order to not be able to go beyond
> maximum_pages?
> Is there a way to make htdig behave like other search engines, which show
> something like "next 10 results" or "show results 10-20"

This was planned and implemented in 3.1.4, and is not a bug. This has been
discussed several times already on the list and the bug database. It's been
proposed to add a max_page_buttons attribute to limit the page buttons to
something smaller than maximum_pages, when you increase the latter to allow
a very large number of possible result pages with a limited set of buttons,
but for now the only option is to increase maximum_pages and have lots of
page buttons when there are lots of results.

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