RE: [htdig] Multiple noindex_start/end values ?

Subject: RE: [htdig] Multiple noindex_start/end values ?
From: Tony Crockford (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 14:53:33 PDT

> Is it possible to have more than one noindex_start/end pair?
> Would be very helpful, to, say, exclude everything betwwen
> <SCRIPT </SCRIPT> *and* <OPTION </OPTION> *and*
> <!--htdig_noindex--> <!--/htdig_noindex-->.

It would be nice, but it's workaroundable with a global html search and
replace to add <!--htdig_noindex--> <!--/htdig_noindex--> tags whenever
<script> or <option> or whatever tags appear.

Isn't it?



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