Re: [htdig] Starting to install htDig

Subject: Re: [htdig] Starting to install htDig
From: Stephane Bortzmeyer (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 02:55:37 PDT

On Tuesday 4 July 2000, at 11 h 43, the keyboard of Torsten Neuer
<> wrote:

> Sorry, Stephane, but "configure" is a shell script which is not read by
> Ht://Dig itself but should be executed prior to compiling Ht://Dig.

You're right, I've mixed up the "configure" shell script with ht://Dig configuration file.

So, to Juan:

you execute the configure shell script like any executable program:


PS : it seems you are trying to build/compile ht://Dig yourself. If so, if you are not an experienced Unix system administrator, let me remind you that ht://Dig is available as a binary package on every good Unix. On my Debian, I just had to request the installation of package "htdig" and everything was up and running. Binary packages are specially interesting for a package like ht://Dig which needs several things to work, not just a single executable.

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