[htdig] htsearch causes ISE but not if exec'd manually

Subject: [htdig] htsearch causes ISE but not if exec'd manually
From: Andreas Hudzieczek (andreas@star.informatik.rwth-aachen.de)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 13:25:26 PDT

Hi all!

I have a fresh install of 3.1.5 on Sol2.6, htsearch finds the config file and database, alright.
Now giving htsearch just any word, no matter if part of the database or not, through the web interface (web browser), it produces an ISE. Way earlier posts in the mailing list (and after that in the FAQ) suggest running htsearch from the cmd line in order to get the core file after a possible core dump so that one migth use it with the debugger.
However, running htsearch on my machine turns out to be alright. I fill it a word to search and the form (long and short both appear to do the job), which outputs the results HTML file as would normally displayed by the web browser. I checked this by capturing the output into a file as fodder for the web browser.

Any suggestions (as I don't see a seg fault here)?

Greetz and many thanx,

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