[htdig] another question

Subject: [htdig] another question
From: Unicef Org (htdigger@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 06:31:55 PDT

hello again everyone. i have another question reguarding how the search
engine works. with the search engine on the site i work on, we have pages
with themes on them, that are usually towards the middle of the page. let me
give you an example:

Title : Child Institutionalization and Child Protection in Central

Authors : Mary Anne Burke

Year : 1995

Language : English

Themes : Child Legislation
  Social Policies

Comments: none

is there a way i can have the search engine ONLY look for words you search
by, in the 'THEMES' list on my page? like, if i search for 'Social
Policies', is there a way i can have htdig search my whole site, and find
'Social Policies' in JUST the 'THEMES' category?

I appreciate you help. Thank you very much

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