[htdig] A few very good ideas...... I hope?

Subject: [htdig] A few very good ideas...... I hope?
From: Morgan Fruchtnicht (morgan@resgen.com)
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 21:11:33 PDT

Make a configurable delay that is set in a config file.
This way you can reduce load on the web server you're indexing.
(Like, delay in mS so you can wait 1/2 second or 5 seconds
or 5 minutes)

Make a command line search engine(for integration into propietary
things, not necessarily a cgi web page even) with lots of options.

Partial word searching - If I search for "fruchtnicht" I find my
name, but if I search for "frucht" I find nothing:( Or am I
missing something on that one?

All these would be incredibly usefull to me and I'm sure many
other people as well!

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