RE: [htdig] htmerge fails with "Total docs:0, total doc db size 0kb"

Subject: RE: [htdig] htmerge fails with "Total docs:0, total doc db size 0kb"
From: Markus Rietzler (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 13:00:48 PDT

that's right, it was an update-dig.
i can't tell how many docs were gone since the last dig.
as we're indexing different webservers, there could be a big change in
documents, many which were deleted and many which where created new in
the meantime.

the last dig in may produced:

htdig: 1308 servers seen:
htmerge: Total word count: 838865
htmerge: Total documents: 96458
htmerge: Total doc db size (in K): 676870

i have just startet an inital dig in a different db-dir, so that i
can still use the search until the dig and merge are finished.
maybe that'll help.


ps: i have found a false entry in my url.lst file, could have caused the


Markus Rietzler

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> Subject: Re: [htdig] htmerge fails with "Total docs:0, total doc db size
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> At 7:51 PM +0200 6/25/00, Markus Rietzler wrote:
> >when i now run htmerge -a there is no doc db created
> >
> >htmerge: Sorting...
> >htmerge: Merging...
> >htmerge: 100:0014
> >htmerge: 200:005i386
> >(...)
> >htmerge: 155700:überschreite
> >htmerge: 155800:überzeugende
> >htmerge: 155900:ıè-
> >
> >htmerge: Total word count: 155927
> >
> >htmerge: Total documents: 0
> >htmerge: Total doc db size (in K): 0
> OK, it would help a bit to know the "provenance" of these databases.
> It looks like you're running an update dig. How many documents were
> there previously? How many likely changed (a small number is fairly
> typical)?
> And, of course, was there any sort of strange output from htdig?
> The reason I ask is that as you've displayed it, it's not that
> htmerge has removed all the documents--they just don't exist. So
> something happened *before* this htmerge run that messed things up.
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> -Geoff Hutchison
> Williams Students Online

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