[htdig] don't want to show the no_excerpt_xxx at all

Subject: [htdig] don't want to show the no_excerpt_xxx at all
From: Markus Rietzler (Markus.Rietzler@t-online.de)
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 12:55:10 PDT

how can i prevent htdig from display any message like:

<em>(None of the search words were found in the top of this document.)</em>

if the searchstring couldn't be found in the (stored part of the) document.
is there a way to tell htsearch to not list those documents (even if there
be the small chance that the search word could be found at the end of the
document, that part, that was not stored in the db with the last dig.)

the to options in the conf-file - as far as i see it - which have something
do with this case are set


max_head_length: 32000
max_doc_size: 200000

or do i have to use a wrapper script, to "delete" thos entries?


Markus Rietzler
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