RE: [htdig] Limit the Number of Hits

Subject: RE: [htdig] Limit the Number of Hits
From: Abdul Jabbar (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 07:49:27 PDT

What if i was to use the server_max_docs wouldnt that work, or is that just
used for digging. What sort command could i use then, to sort for example
the first 100 hits?.

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Subject: Re: [htdig] Limit the Number of Hits

At 10:37 AM +0100 6/28/00, Abdul Jabbar wrote:
>500, and only display the first 500 it finds?. This would speed up the
>search right?. If there is a way to do this and i implement it on to my
>htdig.conf file would i have to reindex the site? . Thanks ever so much for
>your help.

Alas, there isn't a good way of doing this right now in htsearch. You
can certainly cut the number of hits, but you want it cut *after* the
results are sorted. Because htsearch currently sorts all results
before displaying, cutting the number of hits won't help. (Yes, this
is an extremely naive method--it would be better to sort only the top
X number of hits that need to be displayed.)

This is an optimization that will be better served at some point in
the 3.2 code (which also still does a full sort).

But don't worry, it's definitely on my "hit list" to fix!

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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