[htdig] another quick question...

Subject: [htdig] another quick question...
From: Unicef Org (htdigger@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 08:50:26 PDT

hi again... okay... it now searches... but when it searches for a theme like
'child mortality' the first search result always comes up as the word
'child' and 'mortality' in different spots in the document, instead of the
each word next to eachother.

usually that only happens with the first result. the second result is
usually what we want, which is the words 'child' and 'mortality' next to

is there anyway i can have it search for the whole phrase, with each
seperate word next to it? instead of 'child' and 'mortality' coming up, i
want 'child mortality' showing up as the first result...

ahhh... i hope i didn't confuse you. =) everything is working nicely now,
but i'm picky =) this software is great. i can't believe the exactness
within the results. absolutely wonderful.

thanks again for your help. =) i appreciate it

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