[htdig] wordlist is data instead of ASCII file

Subject: [htdig] wordlist is data instead of ASCII file
From: Andreas Hudzieczek (andreas@star.informatik.rwth-aachen.de)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 13:15:59 PDT

Hi all!

I looked through the archive on this one, but the topics on ASCII all seem to concentrate on having the document database in ASCII file format.
Anyway, using htdig 3.1.5 on Sol 2.6, I just did a fresh reinstall from the same source that worked once before. The initial rundig worked fine, but then reindexed by removing the -i from the htdig line in the rundig script and adding -a on the command line in order to have alternate working files.

Now the strange thing is that with the new installation and the overall same config file as with the old installtion, the wordlist file in the db dir now has a data file format. This is in contradiction to my memory that only the db.*doc* files in the db dir are of data file format. Now if I am making a fool out of myself this is a pretty bad day for me, I guess. I checked the CONFIG file before hitting make and make install, and crosschecked my htdig conf file against how all files were placed and the changes I've undertaken. Well, I can easily access the htsearch cgi, but it just won't show any result, it just doesn't load any answer to present in HTML, neither an error msg nor any first result page or the page saying the word(s) was/were not found on the server.

Hoping this wasn't too much text to waste all of your time,
I will send my greetings,

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